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Kathmandu Friendly Home Reception

We're here to help make your stay part of a memorable adventure in Kathmandu. We'll be delighted to assist - whether it's laundry facilities, childcare, transport, flight confirmations or baggage storage, for instance.

You will find that our service extends beyond the hotel. For instance, if you book with us through this site, we will be delighted to organise free transfers between the hotel and airport or bus station here in Kathmandu. You'll find our staff well-informed and ready to share their local knowledge - whether it's directions you need, advice on haggling fairly, what festivals are on or where to eat and shop, for example. If any new or old guests happen to be in the region and need our help, we will assist however we can.

Whereas hotels the world over seem to look and feel increasingly alike, we uphold the finest traditions of Nepalese hospitality. Historically in our culture, any stranger could arrive at our home and we would be obliged to offer the best food and comforts we had - even if that meant going hungry and being turfed out of a comfortable bed. Guests were treated like gods - free to stay indefinitely. Traditional hospitality in Nepal could require acts of substantial selflessness particularly for the most humble householders whose nobility was expressed silently through self-denial and generosity to others. The modern world may have forgotten many of its traditions of hospitality but here at the Hotel New Millennium, we maintain the finest Nepalese traditions and look forward to sharing these with you.

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