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About Nepal


Nepal is a small Himalayan kingdom of 24 million people located between China and India. Predominantly a hindu society, roughly 20% are buddhist and there are also many shamanists and witch doctors in the Kathmandu Valley and further out in Nepal. The peoples of Nepal are a rich tapestry, originating in India, Tibet and elsewhere in the region. Despite the ferocious reputation for bravery earned by the Gurkha regiments recruited from the Gorkha region of Nepal, Nepalese culture is uniquely genteel, cultured and dignified. Visitors to Nepal soon realise that the country is a patchwork quilt of peoples from the commercially-minded Newars of the Kathmandu Valley to the more Tibetan-influenced mountain peoples of the northern regions of the country.

Whilst Kathmandu is undoubtably the cultural, political and economic epicentre of Nepal, to see the country in its full glory, we recommend visitors sample the delights of the rural areas - by trekking to Everest or around the Annapurnas - or going on safari in untouched tropical jungles, taking nature hikes or wherever your interest may lead you.

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